Some of the mini-games don't work on Mac computer. Is there a fix?

[Post New]by OakIris on Jul 7, 14 9:28 AM
I posted this in the "technical issues" thread but received no response, so thought I would repost in the 'general' area.

I purchased Farmington Tales for Mac last week. I am having fun with the game, but....there seem to be problems with some of the little mini-games/puzzles. When I get to the puzzle where you have to reroute the water pipes to fix the well, although the pipe pieces already in place could be manipulated and turned around in their little boxes, none of the spare pieces could be moved onto the board to fill in the missing pipe sections, and with the storage room puzzle, where you have to move the pictures to the bottom area of the window, I was unable to move any of the pieces at all. The 'tangled wire" puzzle is the same - can't move any of the nodes.

I had to pay to skip these puzzles, even though I knew how to complete them. Frustrating...and it's going to get expensive since apparently the same puzzles keep cropping up. The other puzzles/mini-games that don't require moving things around on the screen seem to work fine.

I was able to complete all of these puzzles when I played the game online so perhaps this is a Mac thing? If there is a fix for this, please let me know - part of the fun of this game is with the little puzzles that add some variety to it; it is going to be a bummer if I have to pay to skip all of them because this version of the game, which was supposedly programed for the Mac, has compatibility issues with Mac computers.

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Re:Some of the mini-games don't work on Mac computer. Is there a fix?

[Post New]by OakIris on Jul 9, 14 9:18 AM
Apparently there is no help to be found here for those that want the mini-games to be fixed, but I have found that skipping the games doesn't have to cost money after all. Just spend all of your available cash on seeds, improvements, whatever, then go into the mini-game and click on skip. Even though the resulting dialogue box it says it will cost you X amount of money to skip it, click on OK and that's it, your well is fixed, or the storage room is reorganized and it didn't cost you a penny. The same is true of the other games, if you get bored with finding the key or doing the sudoko puzzle, etc.

Others have probably already figured this out, but hopefully this 'work around' info will be helpful to someone.

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