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Welcome to Romopolis forum

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Mar 29, 09 11:00 PM
Welcome to Romopolis forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Romopolis players.

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Re:Welcome to Romopolis forum

[Post New]by BlackKnight_UK on Mar 30, 09 4:53 AM
I've just been playing the demo and decided its not worth buying because its the same as Build-A-Lot 3 just set in a different location.


Re:Welcome to Romopolis forum

[Post New]by chelm769 on Apr 11, 09 8:33 PM
This game is not like any of the Build-a-lot games. It is much more difficult because you have certain challenges that you have meet with each level such as keeping the citizens happy, which is very hard to do. I love the build-a-lot games and have been able to complete all three with gold. I am stumped with this one. Never mind winning all the awards because I am just plain old stuck on one of the levels.


Re:Welcome to Romopolis forum - Chelm 769

[Post New]by OhMama41 on Apr 12, 09 8:50 AM
Me too! I'm sooo stuck on the one where you have to get 600 citizens, 30 workers and 20 happiness.

One thing I have discovered - if you are stumped go into Sandbox mode and find the map, create all the same goals (not the time), get all of the buildings purchased and then build and demolish as necessary to discover what works.

This worked for the level before the one I'm stumped on, but so far no luck!

Love it, but boy! Is it hard!



Re:Welcome to Romopolis forum

[Post New]by vbooboo on Apr 15, 09 10:43 PM
This is the same as Build a Lot games.


Re:Welcome to Romopolis forum

[Post New]by ms_goodwench on Apr 19, 09 3:35 PM
I don't find this game anything like the Build-A-Lot series ( which I enjoyed). Wonderburg is more like that game series.
Romopolis is definitely a test of skill. Like everyone else, I am stuck on that level of 600 peeps ... everything keeps needing repair just as I get EVERYTHING upgraded - argghhhh.... But it's fun to keep trying!


Re:Welcome to Romopolis forum

[Post New]by akbarsfez on May 2, 09 10:32 PM
GAH! Stuck on level 13. I can't get 20 happiness for the life of me!
Any ideas??


Romopolis tips!

[Post New]by akbarsfez on May 2, 09 10:38 PM
YAY! Found a great link:

Scroll down on the above listed page to find extremely helpful walk-thrus of each level!

Go to: