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2-6 Wasteland Help

[Post New]by Pixieydust on Jul 7, 14 5:57 PM
Hi!! Has anyone beat this level? All three sides come at once and the lower right side lane in super short....anyone have some suggestions? You just start out with 50 coins so that is not much at all.

Thanks in advance!!

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Re:2-6 Wasteland Help

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jul 8, 14 2:20 PM
Hi Pixieydust

You put a 25 crown cannon on the place they start first - press go and see where that is (it is the top right lane). Then put the 2nd cannon on the 2nd lane (the bottom right lane). Use a fireball to get rid of the extras from the first lot. Use freeze and on the 2nd lot and the guy on the castle will pop them off. And by then you have enough cash to put up a few more 25 cannons.

Actually, I do have 3 stars on this level but I would have to replay it completely to see what strategy I used and I'm about half way now so I have so much unlocked that I'm probably not going to be able to recreate it exactly. I did upgrade my bonuses first, in full, because then the health bonus also heals the castle as so it doesn't matter if you lose a few points on the castle in the first few rounds because you'll heal it later to get 3 stars.

Hope this helps!

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