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Intrigue:Raven's Flight(won't let me fly)!

[Post New]by pepperlady on Jul 8, 14 6:49 AM
I have a bone to pick! I played the demo of this game, and when time ran out, I was about to use the sprinkler key. After I purchased the game and tried to continue, the game restarted with the piece of poster once again covering the key hole. It will now not allow me to remove the scrap of poster to insert the key. I have gone back and forth trying to see if I had forgotten something,but nope,everything is done up to that point. Okay, now what do you suggest I do to remove the poster so that I can "get on with it"?I have clicked EVERYWHERE!!!!! I have held my breath, crossed my eyes and cussed a bit, but none of these tried and true methods have helped even a little bit. All that's left to me now is a whole LOT of cussing. Whatcha say? Help a guppy out? Thanks for "listening"!

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