Game creates bizarre folder -"Art of Murder - Kl¹twa Lalkarza DEV"

[Post New]by can_u_help_me on Jul 8, 14 7:27 AM
The games runs fine and then without warning comes up in a version like looks like it is still under development. It creates this folder: Art of Murder - Kl¹twa Lalkarza DEV and then appends a "sys" and a number like 10 and 27 to all the opening screen selections. The "load game" launches what appears to be a developers gameplay environment, with comments and dialogue represented by what appears to be file names on the screen instead of what the file contains, which i presume is the dialogue and item identification text for each situation or whatever.

When this first started happening, i would uninstall and reinstall the game. This would fix it for a few saves, then it would reoccur. The games saved would still be in the game save area which does not get uninstalled. I have to date done this about 10 times, then the reset stopped working and now the game launches creating that same folder when you quit. Unfortunately this folder does not have the saved games.

Tried cutting an pasting the saves from the correct Art of Murder Hunt for the Puppeteer folder into the weird one and it loads the saved game immediately into that half-baked developer environment. So that is useless.

Now when uninstalling and reinstalling, it comes up with that weird folder when I first launch the reinstall.

Could I be downloading some weird version from the website? Hows does that explain the changeover when the game was first downloading and playing correctly? I am stumped.

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate - 64-bit version with an AMD 8350 Eight-core CPU.


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