Level 55

[Post New]by bmcgirl1998 on Jul 8, 14 1:54 PM
I am on level 55. I have the mirror -- grid one is complete -- needed purple key to get to the bottom of grid, did not have one so used manna and bombs (4) to get rid of gold blocks -- need a green key and a red key to get to more grids -- have neither! Cannot go further, no keys, no arrows, no ropes! Help!


Re:Level 55

[Post New]by KathyTX on Jul 8, 14 9:28 PM
Go to the room with the mirror. The keys are hanging from the last two levers. You have to click above the keys to release them.


Re:Level 55

[Post New]by bmcgirl1998 on Jul 9, 14 6:52 AM
Thank you -- that worked -- appreciate the help!

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