more in this series?

[Post New]by periwinkle_sky on Jul 10, 14 12:46 AM
I'd like to see more in this particular series. There is this one, and the one where the journalist sinks with Titanic, but I'd like to see more. I think there is more that can be done with the Robert/Margaret Ashley storyline.

For it just me, or does Thomas (I think that's his name...he's the one at the beginning who takes the boarding passes) the crew member seem to have a little crush on Margaret? It would be kind of cool to do something with that. Maybe have Robert sink with the ship but Thomas start a new life with Margaret. Hmm? That is what I thought might happen with part of the Return to Titanic game. I'm kind of fascinated with Thomas. I'd like to see a game from HIS point of view, again maybe ending with he and Margaret together in a lifeboat. ready to start a new life together (spending Robert's money, of course).

Anyway, it's just a thought. I think there is more to the story that could be delved deeper into. What do you think? I'd buy it! Please?

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