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WHY is "Big Fish recommends....." banner covering inventory?

[Post New]by anges35 on Jul 10, 14 2:31 PM
iPad version, iOS 7.1.2
I just reopened this game to try again to find magic for the fairy for the Crystal flower to bloom. But there is an advertising banner coming on and off covering all of the inventory objects and I have no access to the inventory objects.

I can't shut it off and I can't continue the game. Why is that displaying and I don't care what BF recommends.. I have paid for this game and it's unplayable.

Edit: Someone on another technical threads is reporting the same ad banner covering their inventory. BF is doing this during their "big sales". But this stops the game completely. The banner I had left after that sale,but I couldn't play the game until then.

Edited on 07/15/2014 at 7:52:18 AM PST

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