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Enchanted Kingdom: Elsa's Adventure

[Post New]by zoemarie13 on Jul 10, 14 3:11 PM
I started this game and I liked it very much. I went where I wanted to go and made alot of necessary items. I didn't follow any rules. After I started I did see something that said I needed to go wherever the person told me to go. I am stuck at a level. On the scroll it says I have everything that is necessary. I have everything including the piece of magic what ever it was. Sorry I can't remember the proper word;But now I seem to be stuck going to one of the puzzles to the next. Even though it says I have everything I need to finish that part or the game. The person just keeps going from place to place to get more of everything I have. (If anyone can understand any of this I wrote down) can you tell me why I'm stuck in this place and how do I move along? Thank you.

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