Any tips or tricks for getting past level 20?

[Post New]by h8terssuck on Jul 10, 14 10:06 PM
I've read that I'm not the only one having this issue. So I read the threads & tried all the suggestions and I still cant pass the level. This has never happened to me before, I'm freaking out a little! Let me tell you what I do so you could maybe see what I'm doing wrong.

Find all objects so I have 10 loose meat sandwiches to start.
I grind my meat and get drinks ready before I seat anyone.
I also have Mama make both dishes so I can put it on the cart.
I use the jukebox and the coffee as needed.
I have all upgrades except for the cosmetic ones.

Here is something else weird. I thought late last night I had somehow beat level 20. (I'm recovering from surgery so I chalked it up to being super drowsy. This morning I go to play and I'm stuck on 20 but the next location is lit up as if I could play it. It lets me click on it to play & then it takes me back to the I'm never gonna get away from level 20. I'm beginning to think level 20 is hell.

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