bonus game

[Post New]by knitiot on Jul 11, 14 7:43 PM
finished the main game, but don't know how to access the bonus game. I see a sheriff's badge with the words "Winter Hunter" on them. When I click on the sheriff's badge I am taken to another page where there is a picture of werewolf paraphernalia and I am not sure what t do on that page an there are no instructions. Can somebody be kind enough to point the way to the bonus game?? Thank you.


Re:bonus game

[Post New]by knitiot on Jul 11, 14 8:00 PM
don't worry about it, guys. found the bonus game.


Re:bonus game

[Post New]by missmable on Aug 11, 14 9:08 AM
where did you find it? i am having the same issue, can't find the bonus game. thank you.

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