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level 103

[Post New]by tm501 on Jul 14, 14 12:25 PM
okay how do I get the 75 happiness? If I tear down the chalet and build 2 cabins with gardens I don't have enough food plus its not 75

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Re:level 103

[Post New]by BlueStarFish on Jul 14, 14 1:15 PM
First go top left across the 50-bridge to pick the bush, that gives 75 food.
Continue clearing stuff and build bridges to free workers. Build a cabin + garden
(used 50 food in all).
When you have 3 workers clear your way to the chalet and tear it down - this will return some food.
You will have enough for a cabin + garden and some left over.

This gives 100 happiness - the leprechaun doesn't mind if you have more than it requires, so just cheer him up and free the last worker.

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