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Level 12 - Having problems!

[Post New]by LadyBastet on Jul 15, 14 2:48 PM
I cannot, for some reason, get through Level 12 (Snow Bears) with 3 stars. Just about every other level I get through with time to spare, but with this one I have a mental block or something.
I know I can build the Druid's hut and get the crystals and stone for more time, but I never seem to have any extra food or wood. Is this the way to beat it? And then, I'd have to demolish it to build another house as the level requires 4 houses.
Can someone make any suggestions as to how to get through this with 3 stars? Or, hey I'm not proud after running through it a dozen times, maybe a step by step? It's REALLY driving me nuts!!
Any help would be more than appreciated!
Lady Bastet

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