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Sparkles leading to treasure chests? Spoiler Alert!

[Post New]by LadyBastet on Jul 15, 14 2:55 PM
Hey, can you tell I've just started playing this game?? Lots of questions and comments! LOL
I've noticed, in most levels, sparkles that sometimes turn into treasure chests. How do you get them to change? Is there something specific?
For instance, in Level 14, Lumberjack's Trouble, there's a sparkle that turns into a treasure chest full of wood. What did I do (or didn't do) to make that show up? There were a couple of sparkles in Level 12, Snow Bears (I asked a question about that one too, if you could look at that post and offer any help??), but they stayed chest showed up.
Just wondering about the nuances (and anything that could pop up and help!) of the game!
Any help would be great!
Cheers! Lady Bastet


Re:Sparkles leading to treasure chests? Spoiler Alert!

[Post New]by decrepitude on Aug 7, 14 2:25 PM
I got the chests when the druid activated the rune stones - then the chest appears with a red arrow drawing attention to it and the little bear runs to it as well. I didn't notice any connection with sparkles (but that doesn't mean there isn't any!)

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