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Getting achievements

[Post New]by zara137 on Jul 15, 14 5:52 PM
Just to save some time for people, if you are replaying a level just to get an achievement, once you obtain it, you do NOT have to complete the level to meet level needs. You will not lose the achievement if you exit after the flag announcing it comes up.
Having said that, some of these achievements are darn hard and frustrating and they take patience and persistence!!!

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Re:Getting achievements

[Post New]by hraili on Jul 16, 14 6:19 AM

The Relaxed Mode is useful when you are trying to get some Achievements on certain levels. You can play as long as you need, even after the timer disappears, to get the goal for Achievement Points. (E.g. Level 74, to grow 100 trees and 100 bushes)

You can switch relaxed mode on and off as often as you like and it affects neither your achievement points nor the level stars.

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