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Upgrade Preparation Strategy

[Post New]by ChestnutHeights on Jul 17, 14 4:20 AM
Every time we have this down time in between updates, the conventional logic is to spend that time accumulating resources, upgrading building, achieving master levels on mini-games and cities..

In the past, I too have done this approach. Makes sense right? Maybe. What I've found is when the update comes, I breeze right through them.Or have enough resource to play endlessly.

And within a short period of time, I'm back to wondering when the next update is coming.. (like I'm doing right now, btw it's been a month)

Why? Because I've spent my free time stockpiling. But, then the challenge is gone. Or is it? Thoughts?

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Re:Upgrade Preparation Strategy

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Jul 17, 14 5:21 AM
Added to the burden of too much is the surplus of gold that some got from the glitch; I have heard repeatedly someone comment it is no fun now everything is bought.

I think there is something to be said for not stock piling and having to rush around gathering in the moment but for some it is far too late to even think about going at it lean. I am letting my stock of collectibles and resources dwindle in an attempt to get the rush back but of short of starting the game over I am not sure that will even work because I have enough food and money to buy my way out of any situation.

I have a case of too much of everything and the luster of the game has been lost for months.

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Re:Upgrade Preparation Strategy

[Post New]by lilyr on Jul 17, 14 5:44 AM
I play both ART and AK. It's harder to level up in AK and collect collection items (and increase your energy tank without spending RL money) so I spend down time there collecting items.

As long as quests aren't time-limited (like the holidays have been -- and for good reason -- I don't mind taking my time. I also don't want to run out of levels. There still seems to be a lot to do in ART. I know I have a lot of mini-scenes in HOS that haven't been unlocked and the new area has a lot of potential.

I doubt that I have as many resources and collectibles as many. I KNOW I don't have as much food or money. But I'm comfortable where I am. Bottom line: I guess I don't have a strategy!

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Re:Upgrade Preparation Strategy

[Post New]by NanaLoona on Jul 17, 14 8:37 AM
There is definitely a delicate balancing act to this game. Have enough resources to do what you want on a particular day but not so much that you can buy or upgrade everything and end up being bored with nothing to do.

When I started playing the game was right in the middle of the Christmas event. I remember being so frustrated because I didn't have a lot of the mini games unlocked and I couldn't do those quests and then I also remember some that required a certain number of coins to complete and some I could do and some I couldn't. I really felt sorry for any new player at the July 4th event. A new player probably would not have 120,000 coins to buy flags for each city and they would have been terribly frustrated and maybe stop playing the game, thinking that it would keep asking for so many resources.

I really, really tried to pace myself on the painting quests so that I wouldn't complete them too quickly. But I didn't do a very good job. One more mini game, okay just one more and then okay, okay, just one more. I had all the pieces to the collectibles within too short a time and ran out of quests.

Right now I am working on upgrading to the Olde English theme for all my buildings, upgrading one building per day. I only allow myself three HOS and one round of mini games per day. Then I stop playing for the day except to check in with auctions and give out keys. After the Olde English is complete, I'll update all to the animal themes and then I'll have them all fully done unless we get more customizations. I'm no where near Master in all the mini games so I still have that to look forward to, except there really isn't a prize or anything except extra experience and coins if you reach Master.

I also play Awakening Kingdoms and Midnight Castle so that helps keep me from spending too much time in just one game.

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Re:Upgrade Preparation Strategy

[Post New]by TiramaSue on Jul 17, 14 8:49 AM
I'm another one who has more than enough of everything. Worked like crazy to earn coins to buy food for the Spring/Easter event and then didn't need to use it.

What I've done is set a minimum amount below which I will not let my coin balance fall. That prevents me from buying everything available. I'm at level 70 and not really doing anything to move up. I prefer to level up by doing quests. Playing the cities and the mini games just to level up is a sure road to burn out and boredom for me.

So for now I'm just doing the auction quests, doing additional buying and selling at auction and if I'm in the mood, playing some mini games and a hidden object scene or two.

I'm saving all my stars earned from the daily quests and will have a Vegas Night using them all at once when the dq's are all complete.

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