game freezes on mac... every time.

[Post New]by Penhip on Jul 18, 14 6:11 PM
I've rebooted, downloaded the game several times and it freezes every time. I play A LOT of games on my MAC BOOK PRO and have not had this problem before so I know it's not my devise. Also, Forbidden Secrets has been rated one of the best games of the year... I'd really like to play it. Is anyone else having this problem playing this game on their MAC?


Re:game freezes on mac... every time.

[Post New]by DarkSnowWhite on Aug 13, 14 6:32 AM
Hey Penhip…. just saw your post and yes I am having a problem with it on my iMAC…. I keep having to close the game down and restart again which goes ok until about 10 mins in then starts playing up again… The cursor slows right down and seriously effects the gameplay which is irritating….

It's frustrating as this is supposed to be a well rated game… why is it always the iMAC versions that have the problem? I've encountered this so many times on games I've bought its annoying that these things happen at all given the tech the games developers are working with these days….

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Re:game freezes on mac... every time.

[Post New]by daisey88 on Oct 19, 14 9:19 AM
Same problem here. Has anyone come up with a solution?

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