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Stone Pit Building Location

[Post New]by zuix on Jul 20, 14 12:22 AM
Hi Everyone,
It seems the forum info on the stone pit building location is fairly obscured, and I had a lot of trouble finding the right place to build, and also finding the info on the forums here, so here's the scoop straight forward like.

You can only have 2 stone pits, and can only build them in 2 special locations:

1. In the starting area of the game, upper right corner. You'll see some light grey stones on the ground, and when you hover over them with your mouse, they are bright green. Before you build the stone pit, you can use mana to get stone from that location. That's the only place you can build the stone pit in that area.

2. Once you rescue the swamp tribe, there is a 2nd stone pit already build. You just have to complete the quest to drain the swamp, then the 2nd stone pit there becomes active.

If you find that you need more stone than the 2 built pits, upgraded to 3 stars, then the only thing you can do is build more barns and upgrade them to increase your storage capacity.

Hope this helps. Personally, I really hate it when someone in the forums gives you instructions to search through other threads for the answer, all the while having the answer, but refusing to type it in fewer words than the words used for the instructions to search the threads!

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