MCF games are messed up!

[Post New]by donadriedger on Jul 21, 14 3:20 PM
Does anyone know what suddenly happened to all the MCF games? I have played them all for years, but about a month ago, they started to not run. The lists are missing or partially there. I love these games; they are my favorites....and now they won't play...


Re:MCF games are messed up!

[Post New]by reneemaas on Jul 27, 14 10:35 AM
Mine aren't working either.

Huntsville is glitchy, but I was able to play it. The lists to the hidden objects wouldn't always load right way and the switch game was lagging.

Prime Suspects is playable for the first level, but the tile flipping "end game" is impossible. It won't show that I flipped the tiles. Also the scenes where you need the flashlight or xray glass are almost impossible because the flashlight (or whatever) is bouncing around/jerky.

Ravenhurst is playable until you get to the point where you need to put the old fashioned picture puzzle together. The pieces won't even move onto the board, let alone flip.

Madame Fate had similar issues to the above.

Return to Ravenhurst is playing normally from what I can tell.

I've done everything. I've reinstalled my game manager. I've uninstalled/reinstalled my games. I've updated my video card/drivers/etc. My husband cleaned out our entire computer. We have done virus scans and computer clean ups. The games still won't work properly. I'm pretty frustrated.

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