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[Post New]by strifekun on Jul 22, 14 7:33 PM
I'm not sure this is the correct place to put this, [Removed by Moderator]

I've played the game twice on two different profiles in order to attempt the achievement 'Death Defying'. I've gotten out of the coffin with no issues both times on the first try. Assuming that first try means no do overs or resets, but allows for a few misclicks. (I clicked on the wrong spot around four times.)

It didn't unlock either time for the game [Removed by Moderator]; which is annoying because it's the only thing I'm missing and being a 'completionist', it kind of bugs me.

Thank you for any and all help.

Edit: I'd like to update that I uninstalled then reinstalled, created a new ingame profile; but that didn't fix the problem either.

And it should be noted that each time I make a new profile, the achievements I've gotten in the very first profile I've gotten do not disappear. They appear on all profiles, even after I had uninstalled. I'm guessing that I'll have to uninstall and find whatever profile data is left and delete that manually. This seems to be a pretty huge glitch.

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Re:Glitched Steam Achievement

[Post New]by Akenta on Sep 6, 14 10:30 AM
We've been able to get the achievement, but we made sure there were no mis-clicks. Before trying this one (and the garden), we would make a copy of the game so we could restart if needed. The file to be copied can be found in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\****\Midnight Mysteries - Haunted Houdini Deluxe on a Windows 7 machine.


Re:Glitched Steam Achievement

[Post New]by strifekun on Nov 5, 14 6:29 PM
@Akenta - That may be the issue. The description may be wrong and the paramaters in order to get the achievement are no misclicks.

Thank you for the location. This will make getting the achievement to be much easier.

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