Anyone get ALL the trophies?

[Post New]by Ozziefishboy on Jul 23, 14 4:37 AM
There is three that I haven't received.
Save 1 Million coins.
Harvest 100,000 fruits.
Collect all plants.?

I understand the first two. They just require repeated play to achieve. I've played through the game twice and finished all the bonus stages and only managed to save just over 100,000. So a million is way beyond my patience. The animal and gardening 'sub-game' is a waste of time. You'd have to spend weeks just in those screens to get the money back you spend on buying and up keeping them.
A 100,000 fruits, well who knows. I sure haven't been counting.

But collect all the plants??? Once you get the banana, that's it. There is no more room for other weapons. Maybe I'm missing something.

All in all, a surprisingly enjoyable game. Lots of game play albeit a couple of bits were useless.

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Re:Anyone get ALL the trophies?

[Post New]by MetaCross on Jul 23, 14 7:35 PM
Hi Ozziefishboy

Collect all plants in the Garden. It is easy to achieve that trophy. You only need to buy plants seeds at Jane's Shop. Buy all seeds and plant them on the garden, than you will receive the trophy.


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