Treasures in the City

[Post New]by syrupmakermom on Jul 26, 14 8:35 PM
Can you find treasures in the city after it is rebuilt , when you are looking for the seals ? So far every game I play I am about 20 treasures short of finding them all.

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Re:Treasures in the City

[Post New]by edp1730 on Jul 29, 14 5:27 PM
I've looked and looked - and never found any once the city is rebuilt. The most I've ever gotten in one game is 76 - which leads me to believe I missed 2 somewhere. Sometimes they are gems; sometimes they are "piggy banks", and sometimes they are treasure chests. They don't appear after every new building is constructed, but they do occur fairly often. I've found one or sometimes two new ones at a time, but never 3 or more. Some are REALLY obvious - others are well hidden.

If you want to get all the awards, and haven't done so by the time all the seals are collected, you can elect to "Play" again. You'll get a message that says "Your progress will be lost", but that does NOT apply to the awards you've earned. All the buildings will be gone, but if you had 2 stars for a particular award when you ended the previous game, you'll have 2 stars when you START the next game. I didn't get 3 stars for the "Time" award until I was on my 3rd game. In your example, you would start the next game with 58 of 78 treasures found. Hope this helps. :-)

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