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Surely I Cant Be The Only One Who Noticed!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jul 27, 14 1:34 AM
The guy who - so far he's the only "guy" I've seen in the game but IDK if there are more - the guy who is sitting there as you uncover letters - looks *quite* a bit Obama-ish. Just with Egyptian regalia.

Too funny. Makes me laugh. I'm sure it was not on purpose, this probably even was made before most people knew who the man even is.

I SWEAR I am not one of those people - you know. The ones who have to show up in every single web article or basically anything on the entire internet & find a way to interject their hatred of the current administration into it. I have literally been reading articles about kittens or ANYTHING under the sun & some shmuck finds a way to get in there & say something about President Obama. Like really - i'm sure ALL of your problems are traceable back to one guy with quite limited powers. Augh!!! (and IDC if hes good bad great or horrible - have some daggone respect for the office! It shows a lot about these people.... )

But don't get me started on the last Pres. I was in the military for him & it felt horrible how every grocery clerk, businessman & mail delivery guy in the world suddenly declared himself an expert on everything political or military. OMG!

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