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Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by EYAK1 on Jul 27, 14 6:41 PM
Have installed and uninstalled 3 times and it will not open
any ideas from anyone????



[Post New]by THE_Winnie_Wonka on Jul 28, 14 11:30 AM
Same problem here. I've tried all the usual fixes over and over and over...but when I hit "play" my screen flashes then shows the exit screen. Clicking "play again" causes the same thing. I love the JM franchise and have spent a very frustrating several weeks unable to play.



[Post New]by callebah on Aug 7, 14 10:38 AM
I'm having the same issue here, I'm running it on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT graphics card with the latest update. It won't run at all, the process opens for a couple seconds and then the BFG client just asks me if I want to play it again... I would just like to play it in general! I've tried everything.. I purchased this game to, which is a real let down :/



[Post New]by NiecerKRam on Aug 15, 14 6:26 PM
I get it to open, but it's laggy and doesn't load right. I thought maybe getting to the options screen and changing it out of full screen mode would help, but it just made it a little less laggy.

So disappointed! I was excited to try the new Jewel Match game immediately after finding it.

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