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Fix it

[Post New]by annetterider on Jul 28, 14 7:58 AM
Come on people you have had so many complaints and now you have one from me.
The game keeps freezing and I am getting fed up with having to go to Ctrl/Alt Del to get back into it.

You have had enough time to find a fix for this. I know it is not my computer or graphics card. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. So I will not be buying any more games and I have bought hundreds so far, until you fix this problem. It is not fair you take our money as quick as look at you but take your sweet time when you have to fix it.

It is a shame as I like this game and it is one of the best I have bought for a while, but the standard of your helping us out is not good and I am now looking into other sites where I can buy games.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Fix it

[Post New]by tjb48 on Sep 27, 14 7:59 PM
Mine is doing the same thing. Did any come up with a fix for it or was this game a waste of my money?

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Re:Fix it

[Post New]by dancehawk on Mar 11, 15 5:10 PM
contact them, add dr fix report along with what's going on they will give you credit to get a new game.
I sent a letter today along with everything I tried to trouble shoot game on my end including posting here along with dr fix report.

I am happy with there helping me so big fish.


Re:Fix it

[Post New]by grannykare on Jul 30, 15 3:37 PM
I down loaded the game this morning (7/30) and I am also experiencing issues with the game freezing. My sarcastic side whats to know why no one tested the game. Is the answer to uninstall and reinstall until it works correctly. I want my money back!!

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Re:Fix it

[Post New]by bfgWaimea on Jul 31, 15 4:26 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to hear that many of you are experiencing similar issues with the game.

To start, the following help article may be useful:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

I do want to note that developers make games that are designed to work for a wide variety of hardware and software configurations, and games are tested extensively before they are made available for purchase. Given the many different combinations that can exist, however, glitches can still occur.

Our Technical Support Team is skilled at troubleshooting issues and can help with making adjustments to your settings that can possibly help with resolving some of these issues. However, they don't have the ability to change the games themselves. When an issue is identified that requires an actual fix to the game itself, which is possible with this freezing issue, they have to let the developer know because only the developer is capable of making such a change.

If the steps in the article above do not work and if you'd like to try additional steps, I recommend that you contact our Technical Support Team HERE with a Dr. Felix Report. Our Reps are always glad to help.

Since this thread is regarding a tech issue, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread. If you notice any other tech issues in the future, you're definitely welcome to post in the following thread:

Please post your TECH ISSUES for Dreampath: The Two Kingdoms Collector's Edition here

Thank you for your patience,


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