Problems with installing the game...

[Post New]by ChaosBalance on Jul 29, 14 10:35 PM
I really want to play this, seeing as I have the (played out trail with plans to buy) Amulet Secret 3 days game.

Only, whenever I try to install it, it immediately pops up with installation failed.

I close the manager, open it and try to install it again, and the same thing happens.

Then the second time I open it, it wants to re-download the game.

It seems to be stuck in a loop, and I have no clue as to what to do about it.

I though, since I now have access to the forums, I would post the problem here instead of bothering the staff at the helpdesk.

Hopefully I can get an answer here. I have managed to solve most of my problems through the FAQ's and the Forums (when I started getting access) before.

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