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Large Wooden Broken Wheel in levels 51+

[Post New]by LuckyLin1 on Jul 31, 14 4:54 AM
Hi, all. I have a broken wooden wheel with green moss on it. I have a rake and 2 other parts--it tells me to remove the moss but also says rake is not right thing to remove green moss and it says to look for more wheel parts. Only two jewel boards have opened up--I played both--each has a spot for a red or an orange key but neither board released that and it will not take me to other boards in that level.

Another puzzle opens and all I have is a broom which doesn't do anything so far.

I am down to one life and i keep playing minigames so I won't run out of turns. Can someone please tell me what to do? (I am past the airplane, levers, spider, fish, etc.--all that is done). Thanks, fishies!

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