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An open letter from the Moderation team - July 31, 2014

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Jul 31, 14 2:55 PM

I want to take a moment to connect with our Dark Manor users, and most importantly, apologise.

You have not been receiving the attention you deserve and for that all I can say is sorry and that we will strive to be better.

Our users invest so much time into Dark Manor, building amazingly detailed grounds, making suggestions for what should be added in future, and speaking up when things simply aren't working the way they should be.

Please know that you are valued.

The recipe for a successful community can vary, and here are just a few of the things that as a team we are committed to providing:

1. Support

We absolutely encourage our players to help each other, nobody knows a game better than those who enjoy it.

We are here to support you, we will strive to provide you with as much information as we are able to share, especially when we're experiencing game issues.

2. Fun

These forums are a space for you to explore aspects of the game far beyond the boundaries of the game. We want you to create stories based around characters in the game, to have fun with all that Dark Manor can offer.

We encourage you all to collaborate and explore, all we ask is that we keep within the spirit of the rules.

3. Input

We often say that we appreciate the feedback, suggestions and ideas that are shared here, and we mean it.

The developers, and our internal teams often read the suggestions threads, and our team also works to share ideas with the teams directly.

It is important to us that you all feel you have a voice, and that you have the potential to shape a game that you all clearly love.

4. Mutual Understanding and Respect

One thing that is important in all communities is understanding. As a team the Moderators are charged with keeping this a fun, inclusive, safe environment for our users.

It is everyone's responsibility to stay within the rules and act in a manner that keeps within the spirit of our forums.

Let's work together to keep this community fun, and full of life.


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