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morphing asparagus doesn't morph

[Post New]by bestmommat on Jul 31, 14 4:04 PM
The asparagus shows in with the paint brushes but doesn't change and cannot be this a glitch?


Re:morphing asparagus doesn't morph

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jul 31, 14 4:59 PM
I think its the paint brush to the left of it looked for a long time to see if asparagus morphed but that's not it you will use the asparagus though

Had to play again because of the music box It wasn't a paint brush after all its the white piece I think its chalk to the right of asparagus
I am sure by now you have already found it

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Re:morphing asparagus doesn't morph

[Post New]by CherylParker on Aug 7, 14 5:14 PM
hookedonHOG you were right the first time. I thought it was the chalk until I played again. The morphing object is a paintbrush that morphs into some kind of wood tool maybe? Some of these morphing objects are very hard to tell what they are.
Anyway it's right of the asparagus right above the white piece of chalk.
I looked in the SG and it shows that the asparagus is the morphing object. But it is not. The SG is wrong so maybe some out there might think there is a glitch or something. No glitch just wrong item.

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