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Gold stars?????

[Post New]by elizaew on Jul 31, 14 6:10 PM
I am so stupid I am all the way to the 5th levels in More Battle and JUST NOW figured out that I am supposed to harvest a certain amount of each plant during a level. I could not understand why the plants had numbers and then got checked sometimes. I did not understand how to get gold stars.

Now that I understand it I want to go back and replay the levels so I can harvest the right amount of plants and get gold stars. But I can't figure out how to replay levels. I am so frustrated!

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Re:Gold stars?????

[Post New]by MetaCross on Aug 1, 14 12:42 AM
In battle mode you cannot jump to spesific level. You must play through. But if you have collected a gold star than in the way you replay it again you get silver star. It will not change the gold star you have collected.

Play again more battle if you have finished more battle. The second more battle harder than the first one.

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