Problem with Cryptic Disc: It Unlocks Nothing

[Post New]by NameIs404 on Jul 31, 14 6:53 PM
When I successfully use the cryptic disc to find hidden symbols (so far, I've revealed the horse for the first four and the snake for the second four), nothing is added to my journal. My understanding of the game content is that the disc should unlock "secret pages in the book."

Have I misunderstood or is this an iPad bug?


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Re:Problem with Cryptic Disc: It Unlocks Nothing

[Post New]by bluejen on Aug 19, 14 5:45 PM
Ha, I'm almost through with the game and I had totally forgotten about the disc until I accidentally clicked on it. Hope I can finish the game without having used it. They sure don't remind you about it. I'm really not enjoying this game much (though the map is great), so I'm trying to get through as quickly as possible. The scenarios are ridiculous even for this type of game. The woman sliding along the rope to escape made me actually lol.

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