[Post New]by 55dazed55 on Aug 1, 14 12:18 AM
Having played this game to the point where everyone gets stuck, too am fed up with trying to break the panel with the bludgeon. Can someone at BFG tell me what I am to do to get a refund or a swap? II have read about a green envelope symbol but where is this? Come on BFG you need to get your house in order.

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[Post New]by BayGal65 on Aug 10, 14 11:54 AM
Oh crap, I never saw this thread before buying the game, and now I am stuck here, flailing away at the wall with the BLUDGEON. I thought it was me at first, like I was not hitting the exact right spot. Now I see that the game has a flaw. Very disappointing, especially to see that it has gone on for so long without the game developers fixing it.

I'm enjoying the game, don't want to dump it at the first problem! :-(

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