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Recognizable Voice Actress?

[Post New]by katbear50 on Aug 2, 14 1:25 AM
Recognizable Voice Actress?
For Spoiler, Highlight Here:::
Lani Minella, (recognizable as Nancy Drew), does the Voice-Over for Amelia, the 'Protagonist' in this Game.
With 365+ Voices, guess many avenues of the Entertainment Industry would have to shut down if she ever got Laryngitis...Can't help but wonder if her 'Throat' is Insured for as much as Pavarotti's was???

"Lani Minella is an American voice actress who has voiced in over 500 computer and video games as well as several TV and anime series. She is best known for voicing Nancy Drew, Millie Strathorn, Loulou the Parrot and Freddie in the Nancy Drew computer games, Ivy Valentine in the Soulcalibur video game franchise, and as Rouge the Bat in the Sonic games (2001-2005). Minella is founder and owner of the voice-acting agency AudioGodz. Lani Minella's 365+ voices can be heard on over 500 titles of computer games, cartoons and anime, national and international radio and TV commercials, industrials, phone systems, talking books, websites, car navigational systems, toys, and more, including voices at Legoland, Disney rides, arcade and casino machines, as well as sound-alikes for hundreds of celebs and famous cartoon characters (example: Casper the Friendly Ghost). She has also had roles in games and television shows."
(for a more complete list, just research her name)
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