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Germany-stove buttons

[Post New]by baymerlou on Aug 3, 14 4:41 PM
How to set the buttons to get the stove right. Just can't see any pattern to the button set.


Re:Germany-stove buttons

[Post New]by anniehou on Aug 25, 14 2:25 PM
Starting on the left side of buttons...

Top...9 o'clock
Middle....12 o'clock
Bottom.....9 o'clock

On the right side

Top.....6 o'clock
Middle...3 o'clock
Bottom...3 o'clock


Re:Germany-stove buttons

[Post New]by quietstorm1166 on Sep 6, 14 4:49 AM
I tried these settings and it didn't work. Does someone else have a solution?

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