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Expert level 25-Help

[Post New]by jackelfish on Aug 3, 14 4:41 PM
I keep running out of time, getting faster, but does anyone have some help? I build woodmill, demo all small cabins owned and appraise and sell two colonials. Then just keep building mansions, get one electrical and start lighting and inspecting as fast as I can. Sell 1st mansion, then build 2 more-upgrade, inspect and lite. ( This makes the rent.) Then I start to run out of time.

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Re:Expert level 25-Help

[Post New]by wxman77477 on Aug 5, 14 5:01 AM
Mystery 2 - Level 25

You will start with $40,000, 9 Workers, 1,500 Units of Wood, 3 Cabins, and 2 Colonials.

A key to this level, as many levels, is to obtain a significant amount of cash as soon as possible.

I built and sold 2 Mansions. Other than these 2 Mansions, I bought all other properties. I built a Sawmill, Workshop, and 3 Substations. I ended up with 4 Mansions, 3 Victorians, and 2 Colonial, all with lights.

It is best to have your 4 Mansions free of influence from your industrial buildings.

Specific Steps I took (start later steps before completing earlier ones if possible):
- Demolish a Cabin and sell a Colonial
- Demolish the two other Cabins and sell the other Colonial
- Build a Sawmill, buy 5,000 units of Wood
- Build a Mansion and sell it
- Start buying properties that become available; demolish all Cabins and all but 2 Colonial
- Start buying Wood in 5,000 unit batches
- Build another Mansion and sell it
- Build a Workshop, implement Efficiency Training and buy 3 Workers (eventually I had 21 Workers)
- Build and Inspect 4 Mansions
- Buy and Inspect 3 Victorians
- Buy and Inspect 2 Colonials
- Pay Double for Houses if necessary
- Build a Substation and start installing Lights in Houses
- Build 2 more Substations
- Upgrade one or two Mansions to reach the $125,000 rent


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Re:Expert level 25-Help

[Post New]by jackelfish on Aug 5, 14 2:47 PM
Great thanks to the Master. I'll try right away.

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