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[Post New]by dk413 on Aug 4, 14 9:44 PM
I am new to this game. The periodic notes that appear that something is happening in a scene,like someone screaming, is there a point to these? As far as I can see there are no rewards.

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Re:Occasional messages

[Post New]by Valdy on Aug 5, 14 12:10 AM
In my game, those arrive mostly when I have no energy left. So I am assuming that the game is rigged in such a way that it will trigger that winged scroll to come at that time, to make me buy more energy.

I only did it once, and at time I actually still had enough energy left. Nothing happened. As I said, I think it's to make you curious and buy more energy, because that message won't reappear once you leave the game and come back in.

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Re:Occasional messages

[Post New]by Ferg_Frk on Aug 13, 14 6:23 AM
Thank you for the benefit of your experience, Valdy.

I have found just the same - when I do buy more energy and explore the area, there is no extra reward or further information pertaining to the winged message.

I'll ignore the winged messages from now on.

Thanks again!

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