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Tips and Tricks for Monkey Money

[Post New]by bfgBering on Apr 1, 09 9:29 AM
F1 is the Key – If you need instructions, just press the F1 button and instructions for game play will appear. Here you will find all you need to know about how to play including a tutorial and list of the different features of the game.

Bank On It – Click on your Bank to store up your winnings in case of a rainy day. You can also change your game options here including choosing fullscreen or windowed mode and setting the game payout levels from low to dream.

Place your Bets
– The more you bet, the more you could win. Bet high and look for the butterfly feature which includes a matching mini-game that can multiply your winnings, add wildcards to your next round or even take you to other hidden mini-games.

These are just a few ideas to help you out when playing Monkey Money. Feel free to add your own!


Re:Tips and Tricks for Monkey Money

[Post New]by wagatosa on Apr 1, 09 9:39 PM
I have just started playing Monkey Money and i banked my winnings, now i have no idea where they are and want to know what has happened to them, are they lost for good , if so what a waste of playing the game, surely they must be somewhere, the tutorials give no indication as to what has happened to this money, can some one please explain it to me or advise where i can get a detailed script of what happens to it PLEASE. thank you Maude.


Re:Tips and Tricks for Monkey Money

[Post New]by goofygirl6178 on Apr 13, 09 5:17 AM
If you press S it will bring up your winnings. I do not know what you are supposed to do with them but you can at least view them by pressing the S key.


Re:Tips and Tricks for Monkey Money

[Post New]by watabu53 on Apr 27, 09 5:43 PM

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