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Is PP lost in the ether?

[Post New]by Tufty57 on Aug 5, 14 5:45 AM
Such confusion with the Hoyle Illusions duplicate today. I hope PP wasn't deleted when the 'new' game was put up on the forum.

Just as well Catbag was here to pick up the pieces!

Thanks Catbag for allowing me my mini rant on Reviews.

PP ~ let us know you are safe!

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Whale Shark
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Re:Is PP lost in the ether?

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Aug 5, 14 9:03 AM
Hi Tufty,

Just to let you know, I think PP is just fine. I saw this in the TGT just now. It seems she's just as confused as most of us are over this Hoyle business today. I'm sure she'll be back tomorrow.


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Re:Is PP lost in the ether?

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on Aug 5, 14 11:52 AM
Hey All,

I apologize for any confusion this has caused. The team is currently working on getting the Hoyle Illusions game page connected to the correct forum. Hopefully, this should be fixed shortly.

Thanks for your posts!



Re:Is PP lost in the ether?

[Post New]by pondprowler on Aug 5, 14 5:18 PM
Hi all
Thanks for your concern and thanks to catbag for finding the correct forum and posting the threads!
I couldn't find any new game today! Not from any link at all! I was SO confussed!
I just finally gave up and went to bed!

Hopefully, tonight will be a little easier to figure out!!

~pp, getting unlost finally....

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