Getting to level 14

[Post New]by Unclebozeat on Aug 5, 14 10:42 AM
How or paying 4,999 do I get more questions to answer so as to proceed?


Re:Getting to level 14

[Post New]by nautilis123 on Aug 10, 14 5:08 AM
There is a newspaper on the top right hand of your screen and also one on the bottom. Click on either and it will allow you to pay or come back at another time. Also clicking on this will at least give some time to figure out what the answer will be to the first question even though you can't see the letters given to answer. Or you can go to the thread "answers to the interview questions" for help. Also you can end out after answering some of the interview questions to return later, but if buy a hint and end out it will disappear when you return if you didn't complete that question.

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