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root poiton

[Post New]by memagirl on Aug 5, 14 1:26 PM
how do you use this to open area in forgotten glen

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Re:root poiton

[Post New]by Pinkrollsroyce on Aug 5, 14 2:45 PM
If you haven't already unlocked any areas in Forgotten Glen, when you enter the scene there will be 3 areas that you cannot access.

When you enter Forgotten Glen the root potion should be in the top-left corner. You can then place that on the area that you wish to gain access to and the area will unlock.

If you are unsure which area will unlock just use the item on each of the areas until one of the opens. You should also see that some of the HO items at the bottom of the scene will be a different colour. This indicates that you need to go to another area in order to locate those particular items.

Hope this helps.

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