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[Post New]by swedane on Aug 19, 14 9:21 PM
owgolfer wrote:I cannot use any needle and hint keeps telling me I need to uncover bio energy points.
His pant legs and sleeves are up and his shirt is open but I still get nothing. A halo will surround leg but nothing happens for me. I have looked at the anatomy picture.
How cool that you too are playing this oldie & challenging game! Do you have the picture of where to insert the needles? If not, look at the acupuncture book in the vault and take a picture of it with the phone. Remember to sterilize the needles. Should everything else fail, you can always skip the acupuncture! Took me a while to get it right!
Note: Most puzzles have hint in various location. Just remember to take a photo of each & every hint. The hint will then automatically pop up when it's time to solve any given puzzle.

Good luck.

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