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Why Is This Game Stressing Me Out?!

[Post New]by Yaelle on Aug 5, 14 8:13 PM
I have played like, every TM game there is. And I've never had a problem. If anything starts to get aggravating, I simply ignore or quit.

But with this game, I am seriously about this close to throwing my computer across the planet.

Its DRIVING. ME. MAD. I think one part of it is the sheer # of things going on. I don't know. I suppose that having say, hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, onions, French fries AND onion rings all at once plus handling condiments & drinks is all just too much.

What I am curious about is what the other games have or don't have that make this one different.

GAHHHHH and another frustrating aspect is that I *so* wanted this type of game. The good news is, I discovered another website that sells casual games. The prices are exactly the same as here, only I think they don't have the punchcard thing. So at least now I have access to a much, much, much MUCH higher number of games than what is offered at BF.

But seriously - if anyone is reading this I am curious to know if others experienced this with Hotdog Hotshot??

I was trying to find an old game I had once that involved hot dogs but it seems to be gone. Don't know the name.

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