4 bottles and 4 cauldron's

[Post New]by Carolyn70Mary on Aug 8, 14 1:31 PM
I found all the items to put into the four cauldrons – two items per one cauldron. After adding all the items to the four cauldrons, I then took the four bottles and put it above one of the cauldrons & collected a potion. I then took the bottles from my inventory and put it over another cauldron & collected another potion. When I tried to put the two remaining bottles over the two remaining cauldrons, I get nothing. I need two more potions in order to move on in the game, but it's just not happening. Checking the strategy guide, it says to add two items to one cauldron and then take the bottles up to the cauldron and collect the potion. It seems like you have to do one cauldron at a time and collect the potion from that cauldron. I find it hard to believe that big fish let you add all the ingredients to all the cauldrons, but then you cannot collect the potions unless you have done it the way the strategy guide says. If anyone knows a way around this, that would be great; otherwise I am not going to uninstall it and then reinstall and start from the beginning again. That just sucks!

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