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Finished the game

[Post New]by chrijolie on Aug 9, 14 1:32 AM
Finally finished the game and loved it, don t let the timer stand in your way tto play this game, i am 67 so not a fast player and never ran out of time.
Developers should have given more info, it took me a while to figure it all out.


Re:Finished the game

[Post New]by heleneshaw on Aug 10, 14 3:32 PM
I've been stuck on the same level forever... My only power up is the hammer... I think I'm supposed to have to pickaxe but never got it...

It's a level with double chains going across twice and down twice...

Love the game, just wish I could get past this level!

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Re:Finished the game

[Post New]by burf90 on Aug 10, 14 8:57 PM
I remember having trouble with a level like that one, too. I had to play it a number of times before I finally got it. A few things to try:

1) If you did buy the pick-axe, you have to charge it up by making matches before you can use it. Only certain pieces will charge it and they may not be in the level you're trying to get past, so it may not help you.

2) Do you have enough resources to go to your Village Hall (or whatever it's called) and buy more power-ups? If you do have enough, buy the dynamite. It destroys the entire row and column of the piece you put it on. I used it a lot whenever I had chains or rocks to deal with.

3) If you can't get anymore power-ups, look at the board carefully and make only matches that clear chains or create bombs near them. I also started going to Menu and restarting the level whenever I knew I would run out of time, just to avoid wasting any more of my time or power-ups on the level.

If it gives you hope, this was about the only level in the game that I had trouble with and I've long since built everything there is in the game and bought all the power-ups. So, it's pretty smooth sailing after you get past this level.


Re:Finished the game

[Post New]by cassidysgirl on Oct 24, 14 5:36 PM
Finished the game. If you persevere you do finally get to finish the game and get a little story plus closing credits so keep going, it is worth it for the satisfaction alone.

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