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Ziro - do it yourself (to skip faulty DIVIDED) patch for the buggy old version 1.0

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Aug 9, 14 5:47 AM

For everyone left with the old version 1.0 yet:
I've hacked the save game with a hex-editor to unlock all ~ 310 levels for practice game mode. So you may "skip" the broken divide level and enjoy the remaining ~ 309 levels (that's more than 99% of the game).

The quest mode is just a map and in the end you're playing from a list too. I know that's not as fun as a update/patch and playing from the quest mode map, but this opens you more than 99% of the game and gives you unlimited lifes to play (also when this list starts always from the top and does not remember your selected and completed level - just make notes yourself - for easy continue)!

Here's my latest workarround:
For short: Use a hex-editor and search for your - with 00 terminated - name and find the 01 01 01 01 's after it. Just set all 00 to 01 until the block ends with other values than 00 or 01. That's it briefly. The file is located inside your documents folder (make a backup first, of course):
My Games\Ziro\users.dat

Please ask for more details when you're interested.
I may also patch your save game file in case you don't like hex-editors.

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