Chapter 4

[Post New]by Barmie on Aug 11, 14 2:45 AM
each time I try to send Maria's pet for the mechanism in the cave either the heads with missing gems appear or the shield with the missing centre. It doesn't matter where I put Maria's pet it won't go to the missing part. Can anyone help please?


Re:Chapter 4

[Post New]by ragnymph on Aug 11, 14 1:29 PM
Hi there. Try putting the little pet on the rock just a little way from the water and he will fly up and over to the part. Hope it works , it did for me


Re:Chapter 4

[Post New]by Barmie on Aug 11, 14 11:51 PM
thank you Ragnymph. I tried your suggestion but it still went to the missing shield window, however, I then tried taking full and wide screen off the options and then tried again and it worked perfectly. I had this problem with the magnet in the fish tank and used the same procedure. This game must not like wide or full screen! I have enjoyed playing it though and thank you for your help

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