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Level 9

[Post New]by Disney on Aug 13, 14 11:18 AM
Stuck could use some help!!!!!


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Re:Level 9

[Post New]by 123mikey321 on Aug 14, 14 4:51 PM
First, I haven't bought any partnerships and if the game gets to the point where I need to to make 3 starts, then I'm done. I may consider doing so if the price was about 1/4 what it is so that you end up spending maybe a bit more than a collectors edition but...

I built a ranch right away, sold it, got materials and built the workshop. Then as they came available I flipped two bungalows and inspected a couple and the duplex. Then demolished an inspected bungalow and built a ranch and sold it. Also put the duplex up for sale at the same time.

I have played some levels where I try to finish in 3 stars but if I don't, I get the gnome and do the optional World item. If I don't get the stars, I replay and usually get them but since I've already got the gnome & world I don't have to worry about them. Seems near impossible to get everything on the first try. Best of luck.


Re:Level 9

[Post New]by isis1967 on Aug 19, 14 4:05 PM
Must say this level is really challenging me after playing loads of build a lot games and surprising so early on in the levels. I refuse to start paying for stuff so will keep trying lol

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