Razor disappeared

[Post New]by gamdaddict on Aug 13, 14 4:08 PM
I got to a point where I need the razor to cut the string on a package, but the razor is no longer in my inventory. I think it disappeared after I used it to cut the tape for the dynamite. Now it is impossible to finish the game.

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Razor disappeared

[Post New]by ji11y on Sep 4, 14 4:47 PM
I have also got to this point and found that the razor has disappeared. Have you been able to make any progress?


Re:Razor disappeared

[Post New]by gamdaddict on Oct 17, 14 3:01 PM
No, any more progress is impossible. After a couple e-mails Big Fish acknowledged the problem. If the bug isn't fixed I may play this game again in the future, and be careful about the order in which I use the razor.

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