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Anyone know of any walkthrough?



[Post New]by Brysgranny13 on Oct 9, 14 7:33 PM
I don't know of a walkthrough, but anybody got any help for level 76? If it will help you, always try to get the world goal completed and everything else before time runs out, then you can go back to get three stars! This has worked for me so far to level 76.And I have not purchased anything!



[Post New]by PirateRalla on Oct 11, 14 2:40 PM
Hi Shortyb6881,

I don't know of a walkthrough either, but a lot of levels are explained on the forums and you can always ask for help if the level you're looking for isn't mentioned yet =)
Not really an answer to your question, but hopefully it can be useful!

@ Brysgranny13, do you still need help for level 76?
I sold both the hotels at the beginning, and with the cash earned I purchased the cheapest houses next to the hotels - I used them to build a sawmill and a workshop. The negative appeal helps to get the value of the hotels down, to make it easier to buy them later.
Start building anything that comes up for sale. You have 4 'spare' lots (2 if you're aiming for the world goal), you need 6 for windmills, 1 premiere, 6 for the georgians.
So, I went for this layout:


georgian--statue garden +20--georgian--georgian--statue garden+20--georgian

Hotel --- playpark ---- hotel ---- playpark statue garden +20 (premiere)

I sold the hotels fully upgraded and used the money to purchase the more expensive middle lots. Before placing the windmills I used the upper row lots to place more useful buildings like a garden center and a real estate agency so I could get a higher profit from building and selling the hotels. If you do not place the playparks, you have more hotel lots to increase your money, and you can finish the goals quicker - buy the required lots faster and hire more builders.

I could put it down step by step, but I think this will give you a good idea how to nail the level, so have a go and if you need a more detailed description, let me know =)



[Post New]by Brysgranny13 on Oct 14, 14 7:55 PM
Thank you! With your help, I completed level 76. I have made it to level 86. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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