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[Post New]by rebelwench on Oct 16, 17 10:28 AM
Just started MC recently and could use a few friends. Daily player. ID 702525. Thanks!

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[Post New]by Patroche on Oct 16, 17 5:00 PM
Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to say thank you for all the gifts. I also want to apologize for the slow gift backs. I can only do 5 per day and I'm gifting back in the order I receive them - I'm up to about 46 friends. I'm keeping a list, so I will get to you eventually. Just didn't want anyone thinking I'm a bad gift giver. I'm Angel_Pat by the way. Also, I'm putting the date next to my name so you know when it was sent. Thanks again. I'm having a lot of fun.

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[Post New]by RasmusB on Oct 17, 17 3:53 AM
I have decided to give this game a chance again, so I have restarted and hope, some would add me. Name San Fiero ID Code: 620907


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[Post New]by Kathee_50 on Oct 17, 17 7:34 AM
I've had to start over with a new computer. My friend code has changed. I need friends. New code is 698465.

I try to play every day.


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More Friends please

[Post New]by pch45 on Oct 19, 17 3:37 AM
I've been advised by 'seasoned' players that I need to build up my list of Friends especially in view of the up-coming Fall (Autumn) Event. I am a regular player but still very much learning the ropes as there are so many twists to this game. As we are limited to 5 gifts I can't promise to return gifts to everyone but will do the best I can to spread them out. My game ID is 675941 playing as Me-lanie. Many thanks in anticipation of some of you taking up this invitation. Pauline


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[Post New]by dfkdkfl_1960 on Oct 19, 17 5:25 AM
why do you write that 5 gifts we can give 3 times 5 gifts 8 hours

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[Post New]by Susanna502 on Oct 19, 17 6:22 AM
There are 3 times for gifts each day. Check the timer under the Daily Quest gnome. When it turns to 23:59:59 (midnight GMT) that is the start of the MC day. You have 8 hours to send 5 gifts. At 15:59:59 to 8:00:00 you have another 8 hour opportunity to send 5 gifts. Then again from 7:59:59 to 0:00:00 you can send 5 more gifts.

When you open your Social page (where your wishlist and friends are) it says at the bottom how many gifts you have left to give. It says "today," but it is actually for whatever the current 8 hour slot is. At the end of the 8 hours you lose any opportunities you didn't use, but you get another 5 for the next 8 hours.

You can only gift each friend once every 24 hours. Especially for new players it may be hard to send 15. Even if you have 15 friends, they may not all have wishlists or may be asking for something you don't have or can't afford to give away. There is no requirement or penalty if you don't send 15 gifts during the 24 hours.

If a gift on your friend's wishlist is shaded red and you click on it you get a message that says you don't have it, but you can buy it to send as a gift for a certain amount of coins or diamonds. The lowest cost is 30 coins.

Sorry to be so long, but these are a lot of the things I didn't understand at the beginning.


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[Post New]by Gothy1031 on Oct 20, 17 11:48 AM
hi i had to start a new game after playing this a few years ago. i need friends! my code is 703163 daily player and i gift as much as i can thanks!

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